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Baladin Spuma Nera Italian Soda 11.2oz./330ml Bottle

Baladin Spuma Nera Italian Soda 11.2oz./330ml Bottle

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Spuma Nera, or “dark Spuma” as it was once called, may be considered the “mother” of chinotto. We have chosen to go back to the traditional recipe: a basis of chinotto (a myrtle-leaf orange drink), with the addition of the reddish part of rhubarb roots and an orange zest and vanilla infusion.

Like all other Baladin soft drinks, Spuma Nera is 100% natural and no colorings or preservatives are added.

The Baladin soft drinks recreate tastes and flavors that were once traditional, but with a touch of innovation. Free from colorings or preservatives, these special drinks are devoted to those who used to children, and to new generations alike.

Originally, Spuma Nera was drunk with beer: why not try an innovative version of the so-called panachè or bicicletta (lager and fizzy lemon drink)? If you are more traditional, drink it on its own for an aperitif or a quick meal with friends and good food. 

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