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Beurer Trollinger 2021

Beurer Trollinger 2021

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Jochen Beurer: If you’ve been breathing and at least semi-conscious over the last few years, you’ve heard some clambering about the wines of Jochen Beurer and this magical land discovered by Selection Massale called “Swabia.” Beurer is the ex-BMX-champion, bad-boy-turned-biodynamic-farmer who crafts wines of a sort of brutal purity: crystalline, stony, unforgiving, mind-twisting treatise of rocks and stone. Our friends at Selection Massale deserve tremendous credit for bringing these wines to the attention of the U.S. However, once they discovered Swabia was in Germany, we all decided that perhaps vom Boden should take the lead. A vigneron of real consequence, we are thrilled to have Jochen with us.

Sweet cherry, smoke, strawberry, bubble gum.  Pairs well with sausages, creamier cheeses, and Mediterranean dishes

Type: Red
Producer: Beurer
Varietal:  Trollinger
Country: Germany
Region: Wurttemberg
Farming: Organic, Biodynamic

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