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Borroso Espadin Mezcal - Santiago Matatlan 49% 1L

Borroso Espadin Mezcal - Santiago Matatlan 49% 1L

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For their core release, Borroso has partnered with Zapotec mezcalero Armando Martínez and his family, who helm from Soledad Salinas Quiatoni, a small community a short distance east of San Baltazar Guelavila. Borroso co-founders, Claudia and Maru, were drawn to Armando’s approach to mezcal production and his deep roots in the land itself, cultivated by his generational lineage of agave farmers.

Production truly is a family affair; Armando and his siblings cultivate their own 40-hectare estate, producing Espadín, Tepeztate and Tobalá. His wife, Carmen, oversees mezcal production with his son-in-law, and his children help around the family’s palenque. Armando & Carmen’s mezcales are dry, citrusy, slightly herbaceous, and highly approachable despite the stronger proof—ideal for neat sipping and cocktails alike! This Espadín consistently clocks in at a confident 49% ABV.

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