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Brand - Cuvee Flora Pur NV

Brand - Cuvee Flora Pur NV

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If you’re going to try some Dornfelder- and we strongly recommend that you do- it should be this one, which Vom Boden confidently claims is the “greatest Dornfelder in the world...If this wine tasted exactly the same and wasn’t Dornfelder and wasn’t from Germany, it’d be three times the price.” If you love some Cab Franc from the Loire Valley, you’ll dig this. Brambly with some dark fruit but not at all heavy. It’s one of those refreshing reds that works any time of year. 

Fun fact: The Brand brothers’ grandfather and his trusty horse Flora worked these same vineyards a half-century ago and is featured here on the label, which was illustrated by Grandma Brand. 

Type: Red  
Producer: Brand
Varietal: Dornfelder
Country: Germany
Region: Pfalz
Farming: Organic, Biodynamic

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