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Carton Brewing Whaler NEIPA - 4 Pack, 16oz Cans

Carton Brewing Whaler NEIPA - 4 Pack, 16oz Cans

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An NEIPA= a beautiful hazy beer...but let's let Carton truly describe this one:

There is no denying the brilliance in the cathedral hull design from Boston when running around on the tidal brackish chop of the rivers of the Jersey Bayshore. Whether sitting with some friends casting lines, or yanking people around on tow ropes, their fun, easy-to-love pleasure for pleasure's sake have always had a home on docks around here. For our three point hulled New England workhorse, Whaler, we flanked a prow of Mosaic with Citra and Galaxy, pushing it through our decidedly mineral water with some Strata as the outboard. Drink Whaler because when something is this easy to enjoy, that's what should be done.

Style: New England IPA
Location: Atlantic Highlands, NJ
ABV: 6.5%
IBU: 25

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