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Domaine Les Enfants Sauvages - Côtes Catalanes Cool Moon 2022

Domaine Les Enfants Sauvages - Côtes Catalanes Cool Moon 2022

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A simple truth, but one so oftenoverlooked in today´s busy world.

For agriculture, this truth means that we must farm our land without damaging it; we must create an equilibrium between what we take from the land and what we give to it; we must understand and resprct the rules of the earth and the cosmos.

For wine growers, what we give to the land must be this: first of all we must break with the habit of monoculture and ensure that our soil is teaming with life; we must keep ourgrowing areas on a human scale; maintain or create a rich tapestry of plants so that a variety of flora will encourage an equally varied fauna, enrich the soil in a responsible way, caring for its micro- and macro-organism; in short: do all we can to ensure that vines, as a product of the soil, are anintegral part of the natural biological cycle.

Type: White
Producer: Domaine Les Enfants Sauvages
Varietal: Grenache Gris, Grenache Blanc, Macabeo, and Vermentino
Country: France
Region: Languedoc-Roussillon
Farming: Organic, Biodynamic, Low-Sulphur, Vegan

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