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Faccia Brutto - Centerbe Giallo, Yellow

Faccia Brutto - Centerbe Giallo, Yellow

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The liquors are crafted by Patrick Miller, formerly of Rucola Restaurant in Brooklyn, New York. Prior to opening Rucola, he worked for 14 years at restaurants around the world. He grew up in an Italian family in Los Angeles and was strongly influenced as a child by his Italian mother and grandparents for whom the Fernet (Pianta) and Amaro (Gorini) are named.

Made from twenty botanicals, all either herbs, leaves or seeds, half fresh and half dried - this is Bruto's take on a classic Italian bittersweet elixir, somewhere in-between Chartreuse and Genepy.

Inspired by the lEve dart elixirs created by Italian monks, the Faccia Brutto team has taken there widely popular Centerbe and produced a limited edition, aged reserve. A wonderful balance of herbal, floral and plum notes with a mouthwatering finish. Enjoy on its own, on the rocks or in a cocktail.

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