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Faccia Brutto - Nocino 375ml

Faccia Brutto - Nocino 375ml

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A seasonal favorite. Green (young) walnuts are hand harvested in the PNW from our friends at Foraged and Found and delivered to us overnight. We cut each nut in half and macerate with 8 other ingredients including citrus peel, allspice, vanilla, and cocoa nibs for 3 weeks in non-GMO neutral grain spirit. We strain and proof to 40% abv and barrel age for a minimum of 10 months to one year. During this time the flavors mellow and concentrate to reveal a very nuanced and balanced tincture. We strain out of the barrel, filter and sweeten with organic cane sugar. It’s bottled at 22% abv at around 40 cases a year (we’ll make more next year). This rendition of the classic nocino is a less spice-forward, more complex and less cloyingly sweet tipple. Imagine that maple syrup and vanilla extract had a baby… that’s our nocino.

Use for these classics:

Riccioni Rum

Walnut Alexander


22% alc./vol


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