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Farnum Hill Ciders, Farmhouse Cider - 4 pack, 12oz Bottle

Farnum Hill Ciders, Farmhouse Cider - 4 pack, 12oz Bottle

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Farnum Hill Cider fulfills the true meaning of the word “cider” -- an alcoholic beverage fermented from apples, exactly as a wine is fermented from grapes. These are not the syrupy sweet, artificially-flavored, mass-produced ciders of supermarket infamy. They represent a return to the craft and horticulture of distinctive American, orchard-based cidermaking.

Just as serious winemaking requires vintage grapes, serious cidermaking requires certain apples never found in the family fruit bowl. Peculiar-tasting when fresh, cider apples produce gorgeous aromas, flavors, and sensations after pressing, fermenting, and blending by the respectful cidermaker.

Farnum Hill's almost fanatical interest in different varieties of cider apples lends their ciders depth of aroma and flavor. They constantly blend unique cider apple varieties and are testing new ones all the time. The English and European varieties that flourish there attain highly concentrated flavors in the extreme New Hampshire climate.

Style: Off dry


Location: New Hampshire
ABV: 6.5%

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