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Floral Terranes Outlands 2020 Cider - 750ml Bottle

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The 2020 Outlands comes from the North Shore of Long Island; a mix of monastery and seminary pears, fruit from the oldest commercial orchard in Western Suffolk county and foraged crab apples near Huntington. The fruit was pressed and fermented spontaneously in open-top containers before élevage.

This, like all of the ciders, will benefit tremendously from a decanter to tame the searing acid and allow more to come to the fore. This is all tart lemon candy, bright and laser focused. With time open some nutty tones come to support and paradoxically has an almost oxidative tone coming behind the tartness. Acid freaks, take note.

Last holdout orchard in suburban Huntington NY, trees are on a hill. Richer, totally dry and structured straight and vibrant energy in the mid palate. Long Island russet. Standard 8 other apples. Also a touch of crab apples.