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Floral Terranes Suburban Moraines 2020 Cider - 750ml Bottle

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The still cider “Suburban Moraines” fruit is roughly equal parts Black Twig and Winesap apples from Breeze Hill Farm, Peconic, Long Island. This, like all the ciders, had a very light maceration, a few hours or overnight at most, aging in a used barrel with only a light filtration.

This is a brisk, tart cider and complimented and enhanced by this green, minty freshness – it feels like being in an apple orchard, after a rain storm, drinking chamomile mint tea. Or something like that. You know what we mean.

50% Black Twig Apples 50% Winesap, harvested in late November, the last of the apple harvested on Long Island. Left to sweat in cellar, crushed and pressed and raised in used barrels. Drinks like a crisp white wine, full of anise scented herbs.