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Forthave - THREE a Single Batch Amer 375ml

Forthave - THREE a Single Batch Amer 375ml

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THREE is an amer, a bittersweet digestif in the French tradition, it is the
third in our single batch line of botanical spirits. The Single Batch line allows us to
discover and experiment with new recipes and production methods. It provides us
the freedom to discover new flavors and aromas, play with different types of
macerations, distillations, aging, and more. Forthave Spirits started as two friends
making small batches of spirits and tracing them back to their herbal, medicinal
roots. With the Single Batch line, we revisit the spontaneity and inspiration of our
first experiments. Each release in this line is a one-off, never to be repeated or
recreated. Once it’s gone, it’s gone.


The genesis for 'THREE' was in the summer of 2018, when we began
exploring French liqueurs. The process started with several aromatic distillations of
various botanicals including rose hips, elderflowers and hibiscus. Numerous citrus
peels and tree barks were then added and left to macerate for years. The herbs
were pulled off and it was distilled a second time before a final maceration. After
removing these botanicals, the spirit was slowly sweetened with caramelized sugar
and rested.

Cinchona Succirubra, also referred to as Quina, is the bark of the Cinchona
tree which grows in the Andean forests of South America. It is a classic bittering
agent used in Amer. We coupled that with the peel of the Seville Orange, Citrus ×
aurantium, which provides a refreshing aroma, zesty notes and mellows the
bitterness of the tree barks.

As avid collectors of vintage botanical spirits, we are interested in the
historical practice of producers caramelizing their sugars to sweeten their
products. In a nod to this, THREE is sweetened similarly: slowly heating dry sugar
for several hours until it blooms. This provides a candied richness that lingers on
the palate.

With notes of fresh orange zest, light baking spice, and a deep rich sweetness,
THREE finishes with a mouthwatering bitter backbone. It can be enjoyed neat,
mixed into classic cocktails like the “Brooklyn” or topped with a pilsner.

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