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Gober & Freinbichler + Franz Weninger VP 004 2021

Gober & Freinbichler + Franz Weninger VP 004 2021

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The Vineyard Project began in the fall of 2019 as a way of connecting soulful yet overlooked vineyards with soulful growers.

Or, in certain cases, the project aims simply to help younger estates finance their growth and to give them a wider audience. But the larger goal, in a way, has little to do with either the vineyard or the grower: it’s about the community, the village, the people behind the wine.

When the vineyards are healthy and prosperous, so too is the community. When the people working in the vineyards are being paid a living wage for this work, the community is healthy and sustainable. If it takes a village to raise a vineyard, it’s also true that throughout countless villages in Europe, the vineyards have fostered the communities. If one goes fallow, the other may follow.

Dominik and Gerald met in the famous cellar of Franz Weninger, where they both worked and learned their trade.

With Franz’s encouragement, they decided to bring back to life an old 1,000-square-foot garage winery and a few hectares of Blaufränkisch vineyards purchased from co-op members in the villages of Neckenmarkt and Horitschon in the Burgenland.

Their main goal is to make Blaufränkisch that shows that the region is more than heavy soil and warm weather. The Neckenmarkt half brings minerality, crisp fruit and spice. Horitschon brings body, fine-grain tannin texture and bright acidity. Beginning with the 2021 vintage, this wine will be certified organic.

Type: Red
Producer: Gober & Freinbichler
Varietal: Blaufränkisch
Country: Austria
Farming: Organic

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