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Granit, Cidrerie du Leguer - 2019 Cidre “Tempet”

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This is beautifully well done, because it’s subtle!!! There is a dash of added hops here, integrating into the cidery notes so that it’s almost like adding a bass to the already-present note of the cello, or cello to violin if you prefer – either way Cédric is just adding a herbal textural note, a certain warming spice to this lovely cider. Pair with turkey, grouse hunting, relaxing with friends or relaxing without friends.

Sourced from two different orchards the cider is, as with all of Cédric’s ciders, made from apples that have fallen and were allowed to further ripen in wooden crates. Cédric uses the old-school process of “keeving” to clean the musts (thus they are not filtered) and all fermentations are natural. The ciders are bottled with no sulfur.

5.5% ABV

Brittany, France