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Gut Oggau, Theodora 2022

Gut Oggau, Theodora 2022

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Gut Oggau is a 13 hectares Austrian wine estate located in the province of Burgenland by the Lake Neusiedl. The estate is today run by Eduard Tscheppe – son of a winemaker – and his wife Stephanie Tscheppe-Eselböck – daughter of a 2 Michelin stars Austrian restaurant owner – who took over the estate several years ago.

The vineyards are cultivated according to biodynamic principles (Demeter certified) with traditional winemaking methods in the cellar. Also, each wine is vinified with the grapes coming from a single plot, allowing to get a wide range of authentic and different personalities of wines. Each cuvée is named after a fictional character created by Jung von Matt (German designer) and is integrated in a family tree (grandparent, parents and children).

Wiltrude’s daughter. A pert but likeable young lady, who takes everyone’s heart by storm with her cheerful and animated manner. She is attractive like her mother and at the same time both impudent and elegant. The prankster at the vineyard Oggau, she is nonetheless most reliable and steady. She has a particularly close relationship with her beloved grandmother Mechtild and her favorite uncle Emmeram.

Theodora is back, bringing joy to our lives once again. Seductive, sassy and supremely well-structured. Spirited, independent and a little stubborn as ever. But that’s just the way we want her, because life is all about being true to yourself. Never backing down and holding your own against the pressures of conformity. In a World full of compromise, we need characters like her to inspire us to stand up for what we believe in. With every sip of Theodora, she may awaken a little of the rebel within you too. 

Type: White/Orange
Producer: Gut Oggau
Varietal:  Grüner Veltliner and Welschriesling
Country: Austria
Region: Burgenland
Farming: Organic, Biodynamic, No sulfites added, Vegan

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