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Hermit Thrush Brewery 40 Mile Fun Zone - 4 Pack, 16oz Cans

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Local hoppy kettle soured pale ale, in which 100% of ingredients (water, grain, hops, wild lacto, mixed culture yeast) are from within 40 miles of our brewery! 5.9%abv

This kettle sour pale ale uses 100% local ingredients: Vermont water, Valley Malt (MA) malted barley, Four Star Farms (MA) hops, and native lactobacilli and yeast cultures (VT). These lovely farms are found within 40 miles of our brewery and they further provide our beer and wild cultures with a taste of place. Yummy citrusy hop profile with nice yeast complexity, and a big east coast Cascade late addition. This is an agricultural achievement just as much as it is a tasty beer, a 40 mile radius is a pretty small dot.

Style: Sour Pale Ale
Location: Accord, NY
ABV: 5.9%