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Holger Koch - Spätburgunder Kaiserstuhl 2022

Holger Koch - Spätburgunder Kaiserstuhl 2022

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Holger’s wines are grandpa chic—that is to say, they are how Burgundy used to taste when grandpa was just a fresh young lad: pre-global warming. It used to be that you’d struggle for ripeness in the Kaiserstuhl, even though it’s the warmest climate in Germany. But with rising temperatures throughout Europe, what used to be Burgundy now tastes like Weingut Holger Koch.

This addictive bottling of 35 yr old Spätburgunder vines boasts harmonious, delicate fruit. Tart cherry vibes, clear tannin structure and beautiful length — this German Pinot is, low key, the chilled red of your picnic dreams.

Type: Red
Producer:Holger Koch
Varietal: Spätburgunder
Country: Germany
Region: Baden
Farming: Organic

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