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Jolie Laide - Red Wine California 2021

Jolie Laide - Red Wine California 2021

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Emerging from several risk-taking vineyards dotted abound Northern California. Composed of some very unique, rare varieties: Trousseau Noir, Cabernet Pfeffer, Valdiguié and Gamay.

Trousseau Noir & Cab Pfeffer display similar yet different attributes to this blend. Cab Pfeffer is a super rare and historical variety that was mistakenly thought to be Trousseau but DNA testing proves it is actually a unique variety called Mourtaou hailing from France. Similar in their light color and weight, these two wines can easily be differentiated by the distinctive fresh black pepper and rosehip aromas of the Cabernet Pfeffer. The Valdiguié adds laser beam acidity while Gamay contributes striking bright red-fruited notes.

All components are fermented separately, partially carbonic for brightness, and all whole clusters add to the complex spice aromas. Delicate and lean, mineral-laden, raspberry and cranberry scented with incense, tobacco, and hints of black pepper.

Type: Red
Producer: Jolie Laide
Varietal: Trousseau, Gamay, Valdiguié, and Cabernet Pfeffer
Country: United States
Region: California
Farming: Organic

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