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Piri Naturel - Pet-Nat Rosé 2020

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Type: Sparkling Rose

Producer: Piri Naturel
Varietal: Dornfelder
Country: Germany
Region: Nahe
Farming: Low sulphur 

Piri Wein has been run by Christine Pieroth’s family since 1781, in the Nahe region of Germany in Burg Layen. Christine decided to split off her line of wine under the Piri Naturel label, to show a distinction between the classic wines her family continues to make and her own line, focused on organic viticulture and natural methods in the cellar. Christine has been inspired by her own work in her vegetable gardens, and is becoming more and more interested in biodyanamic practices. Christine works only with wild yeast, never fines or filters, and adds either zero or very low amounts of sulfur. Her labels show local flora that she collected in or around her vineyard sites, handprinted on fabric, and that had digitized to make the labels.