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Punta Crena - Colline Savonesi Lumassina Frizzante 2020

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Varigotti is probably the most beautiful and evocative place of Liguria. A place where man rips the sea and the mountains a few flaps earth, to live and cultivate products truly extraordinary. A place for the eyes and for the soul, where, for more than 500 years, the family Ruffino wines produced from grapes very ancient. Mataossu, Pigato Vermentino, Rossese, Lumassina, Cruvin are wines, too rare, that give the lucky few connoisseurs strong experiences, feelings, smells and authentic flavors and almost forgotten.

The vineyards owned by the family Ruffino are located in the thin  coastal strip that separates the sea from the Alps to 350 meters above sea level. To work it is used the typical terraced Ligurian characterizes much of the impressive landscape of this region. This cultivation technique naturally imposes the harvest by hand and in small baskets. The grapes are picked up so quickly brought in old wine cellar dug into the rock, where the grapes are pressed gently and slowly becomes wine. A wine made of sun, sea, work and passion that bears the name of Punta Crena.

Type: Sparkling
Producer: Punta Crena
Varietal: Lumassina
Country: Italy