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Puro de Surales Rum, Ecuador

Puro de Surales Rum, Ecuador

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Surales is a small hamlet in southern Ecuador, situated at approximately 4,000ft in the mountains between Guayaquil and Cuenca. The climate is generally temperate at these altitudes, with warm, mostly overcast summers and short, dry, and cold winters. Remigio Cordero began his long career in the art of distillation at the age of 14.

Now in his 80s, he is joined by his grandson, Ismael Cordero, on the family’s organic estate. Caña Blanc is the name of the sugarcane variety farmed in this region, and this is what the family uses to make their Puro, the local name for unaged white rum. It is harvested by hand, crushed, fermented with native yeasts, and double distilled in a hand-built pot still. It is bottled at full proof.

ABV: 60.1%

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