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Rey Campero , Mezcal, Tepextate + Chino + Coyote 'Vicente Sanchez Parada'

Rey Campero , Mezcal, Tepextate + Chino + Coyote 'Vicente Sanchez Parada'

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AMMA-Certified Mezcal produced in Candelaria Yegolé, Zoquitlán, Oaxaca · Maestro Mezcalero Vicente Sánchez Parada · Distilled from 40% Tepeztate (A. marmorata), 30% Chino (A. cupreata),30% Coyote (A. sp) · Cooked in an earthen pit oven; milled using traditional horse-drawn, stone tahona ·Fermented with river water in pine & cypress tanks ·Distilled twice using copper alembic pot stills · 48.5% ABV (ABV may vary batch to batch)

 Rey Campero from another planet! This unique and extremely limited ensamble defies expectations to share an outrageous blend of the rare and massive Tepeztate with Chino (a local term for the Cupreata variety, not commonly grown in Oaxaca), and Coyote (a cross-pollinated hybrid of two other agave species). There will never be another batch like this!

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