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Two Shepherds - Picpoul Blanc Windmill Vineyards Yolo County 2020

Two Shepherds - Picpoul Blanc Windmill Vineyards Yolo County 2020

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Two Shepherds is the genesis of long-time garagiste winemaker William Allen. After years of extolling his love of Rhone wines and winemaking practices of balance and elegance, William decided to expand upon his years of garage wine making and hands-on harvest experience to make commercially available the style of wines he was championing. Thus Two Shepherds was born – making wines that “shepherd” grapes gently into non-manipulated and balanced old world style wines.

Allen employs a natural winemaking philosophy in his cellar. The process of wine making occurs naturally, and as a wine maker, Two Shepherds role is to guide it along, protect it from harm, and otherwise not intervene. The wines are fermented with native yeast with no additives of any kind, native malolactic fermentations, aged on the lees, minimally racked and are 13- 14% alcohol, with high, food friendly acidity. These are old world-leaning, elegant wines focused on bright acidity, texture, and mouth feel. All wines are aged in used, neutral barrels that impart no oak characteristics, but subtly enhance the wines’ texture, mouth feel, and flavor concentration.

Type: White
Producer: Two Shepherds
Varietal: Picpoul
Country: United States
Region: California, El Dorado County

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