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Vína Herzánovi - Sauvignon Blanc Müller-Thurgau Pet Nat 2021

Vína Herzánovi - Sauvignon Blanc Müller-Thurgau Pet Nat 2021

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“Well, I guess most of the locals think we’re the weird ones,” laughs Jakub Herzán when asked about how many natural winemakers besides them you’d find in Kobylí (one, to be precise). Similar to their fellows from the Dlúhé Grefty winery (that we also import), Jakub, his girlfriend and fellow winemaker Sandra and his sister Zuzana are a stubborn natural wine “island” in a village otherwise dominated by a huge conventional winery. And just like Jara Tesařík in the nearby village of Mutěnice, their approach (and beautiful wines!) speak of dedication to respectful winemaking, a vision that we immediately felt attracted to. 

Cellar: the grapes were harvested together by hand and gently pressed with stems after few hours of maceration. The juice is bottled while still fermenting (indigenous yeast only), to finish the fermentation in bottles as pet-nat. Undisgorged, unfined, unsulfured.

Personality: cloudy aromatic fizzy fun! “The fermentation was really fast, so the wine didn’t have a lot of time to sediment”, the creators explain – and we predict that given its chuggability, this wine won’t spend much time in your glasses and bottles either.

Type: Sparkling, White
Producer: Vína Herzánovi
Varietal: Sauvignon Blanc, Müller-Thurgau
Country: Czech Republic
Region: Moravia
Farming: Organic, No Sulphur

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