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Weingut Brand - Weissburgunder (1L)

Weingut Brand - Weissburgunder (1L)

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The brothers Brand, Daniel and Jonas, have quickly brought attention to the far northern Pfalz, this cool-climate, limestone-rich.  the brothers (along with Andreas Durst) have. The rather long and eccentric list of 0-sulfur “Pur” wines that the brothers released beginning with vintage 2016 reflect a lot of experimenting, both in
the vineyards and in the cellars. They are the beginning of what is likely to be a grand story of natural wines in the north. - Vom Boden

Certified organic since vintage 2017. In the vineyards, they will only spray low amounts of copper and sulfur. They are also practicing biodynamics in the vineyard and use assorted soaps, oils, herbs and teas on the vines.

Vinification: No sulfur or filtration on “Pur” wines. For 1Ls, no fining and no filtration in most vintages. If filtration is needed, then it is very light and no animal products are used, so all wines are vegan. Sulfur on 1Ls also depend on vintage, but usually 40-60mg/l total.

Type: White
Producer: Brand
Varietal: Weissburgunder
Country: Germany
Region: Pfalz
Farming: Organic, Vegan

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