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Château Yvonne - Saumur Champigny Rouge 2021

Château Yvonne - Saumur Champigny Rouge 2021

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The Yvonne estate itself is a special one, for those who don’t know it well: a history dating from the 16th century, when the château was built by the monks at the Abbaye de Fontevraud; winemaking beginning there in the early 1800’s, and then a renaissance at the property a century later, with rehabilitation taking place in the 1990s. Since then, the 30 small parcels of vines totaling 13ha have been farmed organically, with many of the best vineyards located in ‘La Côte,’ or the plateau next to the church of Parnay overlooking the Loire.

Aromas of black fruits, with a fleshy and silky mouthfeel.  Flavors of red berries like strawberry, raspberry, and cherry.  Balanced, elegant, and classic in style, with moderate tannins.

Pair well with a variety of savory dishes, particularly roast white meats, braised dishes, meaty fish, and red sauce-based meals.

Type: Red
Producer: Château Yvonne
Varietal: Cabernet Franc
Country: France
Region: Loire, Anjou-Samur
Farming: Organic and Biodynamic

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