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Chidaine Touraine - Rose 2022

Chidaine Touraine - Rose 2022

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 Second generation estate located in Montlouis, run by the dynamic couple, François and Manuela Chidaine.

For years Chidaine has been a leader in natural viticulture, farming organically and biodynamicaly.

Today, Chidaine embraces “regenerative agriculture”, a no-till farming approach where permanent cover crops of indigenous and sown plants coexist with the vines. By mimicking nature, the vines find their place in a complex ecosystem, allowing them to better express their place of origin. Additionally, by building soil, François improves the rate at which CO2 is removed from the atmosphere and converted into plant material and soil organic matter.

Floral nose with hints of currants, along with the excellent acidity and the mineral core we've come to expect in Chidaine wines! 

Type: Rose
Chidaine Touraine 
Grolleau, Pinot Noir, Gamay
Loire Valley

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