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Cirelli - Pecorino d'Abruzzo 2022

Cirelli - Pecorino d'Abruzzo 2022

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Agricola Cirelli is an organic farm certified by IMC, surrounded by 57 acres of land. All of its production is designed to respect the natural cycles of the olive trees, vineyards, horticultural crops and the animal breeding.

The rotation of crops, which allows the land to rest, the fertilization process and the grazing of the free range animals represent some of the most important phases in the production process of high quality olive oil, wine, vegetables, fruit and meats.

Soft fruit, floral on the nose, dry and herbaceous, with great minerality and acid!

Type: White
Producer: Cirelli
Varietal: Pecorino
Country: Italy
Region: Abruzzo
Farming: Organic

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