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Field Recordings - Sangiovese Freddo Paso Robles 2023

Field Recordings - Sangiovese Freddo Paso Robles 2023

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Field Recordings is, as winemaker Andrew Jones puts it, a “personal catalog of the people and places he values most”. The winery originally started as his hobby project in 2007 – working for a vine nursery planning and planting vineyards for farmers all over California made Jones familiar with a vast array of exciting viticultural sites, and the idea of making a small batch of wine himself quickly came along. “The nursery work is rather quiet during fall so I had some time on my hands… I’d made wine in college, then got to know all these diverse Central Coast vineyards from working with the growers,” Andrew explains how the jigsaw fell into place back then. “It was a good way to connect with my customers and get a deeper understanding of their work – I definitely feel that being a winemaker made me a better nurseryman and vice versa, being a nurseryman made me a better winemaker.” 

Grape: varying composition depending on the vintage, but generally dominantly Sangiovese-based + some Valdiguié and Dolcetto can be part of the blend

Making of: carbonic maceration with native yeasts in sealed stainless steel tanks under pressure of CO2 for two weeks. After pressing, the wine finished its fermentation in stainless steel tanks before being racked off of its lees into tanks to rest for 12 weeks. Minimal sulfur was added after malolactic fermentation and again before bottling.

Personality: Fresh cranberry, Montmorency cherries, Strawberry Jello Shooters. The ideal antipasto wine! Serve with a chill — when the label turns blue, you know what to do.

Type: Red
Producer: Field Recordings
Varietal: Sangiovese

Country: United States
Region: California, San Luis Obispo
Farming: Organic

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