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Hana Makgeolli - Soju 375ml, a collaboration with Matchbook Distilling

Hana Makgeolli - Soju 375ml, a collaboration with Matchbook Distilling

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Hana Makgeolli is an artisanal Korean rice wine producer based in Brooklyn, NY. Our products celebrate heritage and the labor of love. By using only organic rice, nuruk, and traditional brewing methodologies, we are able to achieve complex flavor profiles that show the breadth and depth of the entire sool category. Our brews strike an intricate balance between deep grain flavors and naturally occurring lactic acid with stronger alcohol by volume that is characteristic of jeongtongju that can only be found in Korea. The experience is like the warm embrace of home.

 As you can see, the legacy of traditionally made soju precedes us. That’s why we are very pleased to introduce our very first distillate, Hana Soju 60, a traditionally made soju carefully crafted from organically grown rice, nuruk and time in partnership with Matchbook Distilling Co.

The origin story for Hana Soju 60 goes back to when our founder Alice and Leslie Merinoff of Matchbook Distillation Co. first met in 2021 and connected over creating niche and unconventional wines and spirits. As Alice and Leslie continued learning from each other, they kept coming back to the idea of making a soju. Finally, after two years, they got together in February 2023 to distill Hana Soju 60. 

Soju is a storied drink that follows the history of Korea itself. Up until the end of Goryeo dynasty, Korean brewing methodology was limited to fermented styles including takju, yakju, and makgeolli to name a few. In the 13th century, with the introduction of distillation techniques from the Middle East and Mongolia, soju production began to take off. For over 500 years since, soju was made by distilling traditional ferments, using grains — such as rice or millet — and a traditional fermentation starter called nuruk. Traditionally distilled using iron cauldrons and earthenware stills, soju made prior to the 20th century were typically finished anywhere between 40% to 60% ABV. 

Location: Brooklyn, NY

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