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Harridan Vodka, Handcrafted Vodka 750ml

Harridan Vodka, Handcrafted Vodka 750ml

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Harridan is handcrafted in upstate New York with the attention to detail usually reserved for whiskey or tequila. Our master distiller has thoughtfully crafted our recipe to give Harridan a distinct taste that stands out in a cocktail but is smooth enough to drink on the rocks.

We triple distill using only 100% certified organic local corn, grown by New York farmers down the street from our distillery.

Harridan sets a new standard for premium vodka. Its overproof strength — 88 proof to be exact — is an homage to the bossy, defiant women of the past that inspired the brand’s namesake. Female-owned and thoughtfully crafted, we’re everything the spirits industry says we shouldn’t be.

Most people believe all vodkas taste the same. Not ours. It was designed to be remembered, not lost in mixers. Some have called us the best craft vodka yet, but we will settle for your favorite.

100% Organic & Sustainable

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