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Idlewild Wines - The Flower Flora & Fauna Rosé 2022

Idlewild Wines - The Flower Flora & Fauna Rosé 2022

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Aromatically, there is a lot of quiet grace in this wine. That isn’t to say it isn’t full of complexity; rather, there is just a subtlety to the grapefruit pith, tarragon, pomelo, chervil, minerality, alpine wildflowers, salty ocean air, and slight notes of fresh pine needles. The three varieties can all be seen in the structure: Nebbiolo lends the crunchy mineral structure, Dolcetto lends a delicate softness, and Barbera lends screeching acidity.

There is a play between savory versus fresh and subtlety versus power that make this wine very intriguing. The aromas are wound up around orange peel, celery salt, grapefruit, alpine herbs, wildflowers, blood orange, and sea spray.

Type: Rose
Producer: Idlewild Wines
Varietal: Nebbiolo, Barbera, and Dolcetto
Country: California
Region: Mendocino
Farming: Organic

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