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Julian Haart - 1000L Riesling 2021

Julian Haart - 1000L Riesling 2021

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Julian Haart has learned from the greats of German Riesling producers. That's why we love this high acid dry Riesling and so does Haart's importer. The name, 1000L, comes from the fact that VB buys a full fuder aka 1000 Liters of this wine. The grapes are grown organically and it's loaded with citrus and green apple flavors. Perfect with sushi, ceviche or cheese!

This is legally Trocken and sourced from 25-year-old vines in the Grand Cru Goldtröpfchen vineyard. The “1,000L” is so-named because it is a wine that was, originally, a chosen Fuder – a 1,000L barrel. The entire barrel was bought, and that was that. The wines is always brisk, tense with high-toned citrus, good minerality.

Type: White
Producer: Julian Haart
Varietal: Riesling
Country: Germany
Region: Mosel
Farming: Organic

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