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Kristinus - Balatonboglar Siller Amber Red Wine 2022

Kristinus - Balatonboglar Siller Amber Red Wine 2022

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We believe that the best grapes can only come from nutrient and hummus-rich soil that is healthy and alive. In every area of ​​the estate's life, we strive to have the smallest possible ecological footprint and work as part of nature. That's why we put sustainability at the heart of every decision we make, even when it comes to small details like bottle weight, renewable energy, homemade sourdough bread, or even the disposal of single-use plastics.

Since the end of 2018, we have been cultivating our land biodynamically. This means treating the vine and the surrounding environment as a whole, which is inseparable. Biodiversity is crucial in this system, where every living organism and microorganism plays a key role at its level. In line with the principles of biodynamics - just like humans - we strive to develop the strongest immune system in the vineyard, instead of just treating the symptoms. Instead of chemical sprays, herbicides, and fertilizers, we use natural preparations for plant protection. It is a process that requires a constant presence, so human work is irreplaceable for us. As they say, a walk in the vineyard is worth two sprays - and we like to walk.

Bright, tart, and fruity.  Light, chillable red.

Type: Red
Producer: Kristinus
Varietal: Zweigelt
Country: Hungary
Farming: Biodynamic

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