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L'Arge D'Oor - Sangiovese Santa Barbara County 2017

L'Arge D'Oor - Sangiovese Santa Barbara County 2017

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Fresh and easy-going character with great depth, complexity, and concentration. The wine is noted for conjuring classic red checkered tablecloth/picnic blanket vibes.   The wine features misty wild red fruit streaks over woody forest notes, malt, fine chalky tannins, and layers of high-tone red fruit and integrated tannins. This creates a sensory journey from the initial high-tone red fruit to deeper layers of ripe red fruit, offering a refined and compelling Sangiovese experience!

Pairs well with a variety of foods. Some recommended pairings include baguette, triple-cream brie, steak & fries.  Additionally, this wine can be enjoyed with grilled meats, Italian cuisine like Osso Bucco or Pappardelle with Sausage, Persian-inspired lamb dishes, hard cheeses, simple burgers, or pizza

Type: Red
Producer: L'Arge D'Oor
Varietal: Sangiovese
Country: United States
Region: Santa Barbara County, California
Farming: Organic

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