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Marie-Noelle LeDru - Extra Brut Champagne NV

Marie-Noelle LeDru - Extra Brut Champagne NV

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The deep, cold cellars beneath the house in the center of the small Grand Cru Village of Ambonnay, where Marie-Noelle LeDru grew up and lives to this day, hold 25,000 bottles poised in pupitres. Twice a day, Marie returns for that all-important quarter turn that slowly eases the lees to their downward-facing point of departure. This is the purest definition of micro-grower Champagne, with all aspects – down to the tiniest detail of viticulture and vinification – performed by Marie-Noelle herself.

With just 2.50 hectares under vine, these wines are as rare as they are robust. The tête de cuvée is the Blanc de Noir Cuvée de Goulté. Powerful and vinous, yet perfectly balanced, this wine may be the ultimate expression of the greatness of Grand Cru Ambonnay Pinot Noir fruit. Full malo for all cuvees because as Marie-Noelle states, “it’s natural.”

This champagne has notes of apple, currant, red-fruit, and baking spice.  Intense minerality and a smoky finish. 

Type: Sparkling
 Marie-Noelle Ledru
Assemblage 2015 et vins de réserve. 85% Pinot Noir, 15% Chard

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