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Milan Nestarec - Danger 380 Volts 2022

Milan Nestarec - Danger 380 Volts 2022

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Dangerously drinkable. Approach at your own risk.

One of our most beloved wines, a salty-citrus-exotic sparkler born in 2017. Always with wonderful energy, as the name suggests.

We always make it from the same single vineyard, our sandy plot called Sahary, so it's a field blend of Neuburger (for personality), Muller (for quantity – that warning on the back label ain't there for nothing, it drinks veeery easily and we need to make enough of it), and Muscat (for some out-of-this-world tropical oomph).

Type: White, Sparkling
Producer: Milan Nestarec
Varietal: Müller-Thurgau, Neuburger, and Muscat
Country:  Czech Republic
Region: Moravia
Farming: Organic

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