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Milan Nestarec - TRBLMKR 2019

Milan Nestarec - TRBLMKR 2019

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Always be yourself, unless you can be a troublemaker. Then always be a troublemaker.

Me in a bottle. Classics. Symbol. Trust and hope.

Neuburger & friends.

Slovenské, Žižkov. Loess. A true heart of Nestarec vineyards, this site is the birthplace of many of our signature wines, including this one.

TRBLMKR is my long-standing mission to find the true identity of Neuburger in our area. This grape is a bit of a Cinderella, a historically typical for our area but nowadays often overlooked. It has low yields, is rather prone to rot and doesn't like modern winemaking, as its neutrality can yield to other varieties very quickly, so it's not something for those looking for fast and easy results. But if you're patient, it can age beautifully and marvelously express its place. Dedicate enough time and space to this wine, it's worth it.

Type: White
Producer: Milan Nestarec
Varietal: Neuburger
Country:  Czech Republic
Region: Moravia
Farming: Organic

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