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Mondino - Apertivo 700ml

Mondino - Apertivo 700ml

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Following the original Italian recipe, their aperitif is handcrafted in the pristine foothills of the Bavarian Alps. Fruity citrus aromas are accompanied by the flavour of alpine herbs – this is how the first German certified organic bitter gains its taste. Mondino is Bavarian craftsmanship combined with the Italian zest for life. Aromatic alpine herbs, fresh citrus fruits from the south, and natural spring water from Bavaria contribute to the wonderfully unique and complex taste of our aperitif.

Typical for Mondino are the fruity bitter oranges which come from the Italian Amalfi coast or from Spain. The fruit is always freshly macerated when it has reached its ideal degree of ripeness. The pleasant sourness of Mondino is gained from fresh rhubarb. Gentian gives it its tangy flavour and the hibiscus flower its beautiful red colour. These selected ingredients together with Bavarian natural spring water, which rates amongst the superior waters of Europe, produce a full-bodied pleasure. All herbs are certified organic, and if possible, are sourced locally.

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