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Oka - Japanese Vodka 900ml

Oka - Japanese Vodka 900ml

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Oka Vodka is made from Japanese rice in Kumamoto, the rice basket of Kyushu. Unlike most vodka that is made on a column still for mass production, Oka Vodka is made on a pot still at a traditional producer with a history spanning almost 150 years in Kumamoto.

The vodka is then filtered by using locally made Japanese bincho tan, an artisanal charcoal which has been measured as the purest carbon charcoal in the world.

To add further body, Oka Vodka is made at a more robust 86 proof instead of the common 80 proof of its contemporaries. Flavors of sweet rice and harmonious minerality are carried along with a slight floral bouquet often found in the ginjo sakes. Oka Vodka is truly the result of exacting detail, creativity, and uncompromising Japanese craftsmanship.

43% ABV

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