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Oka - Japanese Yuzu Vodka 900ml

Oka - Japanese Yuzu Vodka 900ml

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Yuzu citrus has become familiar in the West over the last two decades, being popularized in everything from snacks to essential oils. This unique citrus is grown across eastern Asia and is highly prized in Japan. The juice has very high acidity akin to a lemon or lime, but the aroma is much more complex than its common cousins.

The base of Oka Yuzu Vodka is the same 5 times distilled spirit used in the classic Oka Vodka, that is then distilled with locally harvested yuzu. This step yields a delicate yuzu flavor that is noticeable, but the aromatics are subtle. The second step of maceration hits the flavor home, steeping fresh yuzu peels in the vodka for one week.

Uncommon for flavored vodka, this second step adds an intensity of flavor that truly captures the essence of this beautiful citrus. A gentle yellow hue is naturally imparted into the vodka and adds a pleasant bitterness throughout the spirit. Truly a representation of its base ingredients, this spirit is packed with the freshness and aroma of yuzu picked from the tree. Natural and complex, Oka Yuzu Vodka is a great addition for a creative bartender, mixologist, or anyone looking for a substitute to the standard citrus vodka.

35% ABV

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