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Osuzuyama Distillery - Osuzu Gin 700 ml

Osuzuyama Distillery - Osuzu Gin 700 ml

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The gin is distilled from a base spirit of Osuzuyama Distillery's own Yamaneko "Wildcat" sweet-potato shochu, which is made from 80% estate-grown Joy White sweet potatoes and 20% handmade white koji rice.

In addition to juniper, the gin's botanicals include sansho, kinkan citrus, hyuganatsu citrus, yuzu citrus, ginger, sakaki wood, and shiitake mushrooms. Aside from juniper, all botanicals are estate-grown without pesticides. Sakaki is a rare aromatic wood considered sacred in Japan and often used in Shinto shrines.

The gin has prominent yuzu and other citrus aromas on the nose, with bold flavors including woodsy notes from the sakaki and spiciness from the sansho. It is suggested to be served simply with soda water or tonic, in a martini, or in a restrained White Negroni.

45% ABV

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