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Super Cattivo - Aperitivo Rosso Bitter 2023 500ml Bottle

Super Cattivo - Aperitivo Rosso Bitter 2023 500ml Bottle

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The Pomeranze is the classic for bitter aperitivo from Northern Italy. We invited a few to Burgenland to transform themselves with cedro, bourbon vanilla beans, Blaufränkisch rosé and a few secret ingredients into a delicious aperitivo that is otherwise only found in Liguria.

Notes from Coeur Wine Company

Certified Organic. Base wines of Blaufränkisch (vintage 2022) sourced from Burgenland, fortified with corn spirit also from Austria. The dominant ingredients in the Rosso bitter are Sevilla oranges from Spain and citron from Sicily; other spices, herbs, vanilla beans, and hibiscus are also added. Hand-cut and sliced fruit, all the herbs, and vanilla beans are macerated in stainless steel with spirits for around three weeks; wine is then added and macerated for another roughly 40 days. Unfiltered. 15mg/L SO2 added, bottled Feb '23. Super Cattivo recommends this solo over ice, or as a spritz with tonic or sparkling wine.

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