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Tozai - Night Swim Sake - 180ML can

Tozai - Night Swim Sake - 180ML can

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Sake Futsushu. 

Koshi Hikari; Tropical stone fruit aromas with a medium body & a clean finish. Rice is milled to 70%

This sake offers a blend of flavors including banana, baked pear, caramelized pineapple, with hints of orange and mint. I

The Futsu grade sake is light and dry, embodying a cheeky dryness that complements its slightly light body.

Night Swim is perfect for various occasions, from pool parties to late-night gatherings, offering a dreamy wave of citrus, pineapple, and banana flavors with a subtle touch of mint.

This sake is designed to be easy-drinking and perfectly portioned, making it an excellent accompaniment to dishes like grilled pork or chicken kabobs, as well as grilled peaches.

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