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Umenoyado Brewery - Green Tea Umeshu 720ml

Umenoyado Brewery - Green Tea Umeshu 720ml

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Umenoyado - Green Tea Umeshu is a unique liqueur produced by the Umenoyado Brewery in Japan. It is made by infusing premium sake with locally grown ume (Japanese plum) fruit and then blending it with high-quality green tea leaves.

The resulting liqueur is silky and sweet, with the green tea providing distinct fresh aromas and a mild, balanced flavor profile. It has an alcohol content of 16% ABV. Umenoyado is known as one of Japan's finest producers of fruit liqueurs, and this Green Tea Umeshu is a new creation that combines the traditional umeshu (plum sake) with the refreshing notes of green tea.

8% ABV

Producer: Umenoyado Brewery 
Vintage: NV
Country: Japan

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