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Wakaze Sake - The Classic Junmai Sake 750ml

Wakaze Sake - The Classic Junmai Sake 750ml

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Still little known in France, sake is to Japan what wine is to France. An ancestral and iconic drink, brewed with a unique know-how.

WAKAZE is bringing a breath of fresh air to this industry, and creating a MADE IN FRANCE sake, using ingredients sourced in France from the best producers. Our sakes are like no other, and are the proud representation of our Franco-Japanese heritage.

A mix of genres and techniques that allows us to create UNIQUE, MODERN and CONSENSUAL vintages: this is WAKAZE.

100% French Junmai sake, the Classic is the spearhead of the WAKAZE range, made from Camargue rice, water and wine yeast.
A delicate, refined and elegant sake, with aromas of melon and stone fruits and a creamy and generous mouthfeel.

Color : Light, pale yellow

Nose : Subtle, with aromas of stone fruits, melon and a slight floral touch

Mouth-feel : Creamy and delicate, with light honeyed notes on the finish

Ingredients : Camargue rice, water, koji rice

Delicate and fruity, this sake will wonderfully pair with raw or marinated fish, such as ceviche, but also with eggs and spring vegetables such as asparagus or artichokes.
The Classic can also be served slightly less chilled with Comté or other hard cheeses.

Serving temperature: between 10°C and 12°C

Alcohol By Volume (ABV): 13%

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