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Xila - Flor de Luna Destilados Liquer

Xila - Flor de Luna Destilados Liquer

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This mezcal-based liqueur is inspired by two of Mexico’s most well-known cultures: the Oaxacan and Pueblan. The long leaved, succulent agave plant from the state of Oaxaca; then it iss blended with the flavor-packed, smoky ancho chile of Puebla. The addition to ancho chili contains lavender, jamaica, pineapple, clove and cinnamon, which gives it a very special touch.

Hillhamn Salome founded Flor Du Luna in Mexico City In 2015 as the country’s first female-powered distillery -her production team consists of five women including herself. Fittingly, Xila means woman in the Mexican indigenous language of Zapotec, while Flor de Luna references the fragrant and mysterious moon flowers endemic to Chiapas and the Yucatán peninsula.

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